If you walk on Maracaibo Street between May 20th and June 24th you could see “Silence and Justice”, a mural made by the local artist Giovanni Acevedo –Nuka-, articulated to our new socio artistic lab number 52, “Social Justice Urbanism” .

This paint, located besides Colombo Americano building, it’s a sample of Nuka’s work: we can see a mixture of visual cultures, he rescue some native indigenous imaginary to create new images using the language of street art.

As a street artist he knows about the dynamics of public space and about the silent injustice that moves under the surface of urban planning, that’s why The Gallery Paul Bardwell of Centro Colombo Americano Medellin invited him to work in a mural to be articulated to Lab52.

Since 2000, The Gallery Paul Bardwell has been working on the idea of how to get art closer to people, and how public art could be a tool to do it so. Maracaibo’s Mural is one attempt that is now recognized as one important example of mediation between institution and public space. It is located right in the heart of the city and it serve to promote the work of local and international artists. Most of the times the mural interventions are related to Deseartepaz socio artistic laboratories that are the core of the program of Paul Bardwell Gallery.